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I look forward to
our journey together! 
− Dee

  • I am a Holistic Body Inclusive Psychotherapist in private practice in the Chicago area. As such, I hold the philosophy that events effect our whole being— physical, emotional, cognitive, energetic and spiritual. I earned my Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University School of Social Work in Chicago. I have completed numerous post graduate certifications in order to bring cutting edge evidenced-based treatment to my clients.

  • My education and training is combined with my life experiences to create a well-rounded approach that suits a variety of goals and personality styles. I combine holistic therapeutic methods with intuitive wisdom to support a connection to your heart, your inner wisdom, and your personal power so you can create a life that is more reflective of your healthy self.

  • The Clinical Social Work Journal 2014 published my article The Body Comes To Therapy Too, which synthesizes current information on traumatic stress, the neurobiology of trauma, and evidence-based, body-integrative interventions for healing and resilience.

  • I am passionate about helping my clients enrich their connection to themselves, to their community and to spirit; as they define it. I invite you to contact me with any questions or to schedule an initial consultation in my Chicago area office.

My Philosophy

My mission is to assist you in fulfilling your personal goals, dreams, desires and potential. As your therapist— I will work with you to connect with your own innate wisdom to develop clarity so that you can live your life with direction and purpose. It’s my belief that we are all in the process of learning from life, and sometimes therapy can help us do this more gracefully, with less suffering and more self-compassion.

Traditional psychotherapy tends to pathologize discomfort and pain instead of viewing them as the difficult part of being human in this world. My therapeutic point of view is that our basic nature is intrinsically healthy; however, our awareness of this health is often obscured. I completely trust your natural ability to move towards health and healing.

I feel blessed to have awakened to my calling— assisting others on their path to self discovery and “remembering their wholeness”. As I walk with you on this journey, I am entrusted with the details of your life. I know that this is an honor and a privilege and I consider our time together sacred. I am filled with humility and gratitude.

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