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What you are seeking is seeking you. 
− Rumi

Igniting Your Fire of Change

Do you long to discover and reconnect with who you are? Do you crave quiet reflection, rest, and renewal?

Give yourself time away and focus on YOU.

In our fast paced lives, we desperately need retreats to regain our perspective and help us balance our inner and outer lives. Otherwise we risk being carried away by the powerful tides and undertows of our mass media, electronic communications and consumer culture~not to mention work obligations, family commitments and busy social lives.

Retreats - both long and short, with companions and alone—transform us as we journey by opening us to a quiet timelessness to enter our own stillness. This nurtures inner transformation, allowing us to see the world through new eyes.

Igniting YOUR Fire of Change Retreats are mindfully designed to be deeply restorative, nurturing and empowering within a supportive environment. Whether retreating for a few hours, a whole day, or an entire week-end deep personal transformation is possible. A wide range of techniques are offered to facilitate meaningful and lasting change. These practices are designed to inspire and facilitate tapping into the transformative power of self-care to nourish your body, heart, mind and soul. My deepest desire is to assist you in achieving and maintaining your connection with your essential loving nature.

Join in retreat to:

  • Slow down and access your Wise Self

  • Explore your heart’s desire and life purpose

  • Experience self-care as spiritual practice

  • Tap into self-compassion self-forgiveness and self-acceptance

  • Relax and connect with your needs, desires, and your body’s natural rhythms

  • Enhance peace and harmony in everyday life

  • Enjoy authentic connection with like-minded people as you embrace a new way of being and experience greater freedom and joy.

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